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TRADE ASSOCIATION Precoat Metals supports the following non-for-profit trade organizations.
European Coil Coating Association -
The European Coil Coating Association is comprised of over 200 member companies representing the coil coating industry. In addition to coil coaters its members are chemical, paint and equipment suppliers that provide the necessary services to the industry.

Creative Roofing -
Since it is suitable with any sloping, forms and colors, the prepainted metal used in roofing adds its originality, authenticity and regional features to the habitat, and gives its contribution to the enhancement of the property. When initiating new building projects, the prepainted metal is an indispensable solution for professionals. In fact, metal roofing offers to designers, builders and layers innovative solutions for the realization of passive houses or positive energy houses. Their flexibility allows a great architectural freedom. Artistic and efficient, they also offer unique benefits for the environment.

Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association -
The Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association is the voice of the industry for manufacturers of residential and commercial garage doors, rolling doors, and door operators and remote controls. Members of DASMA are committed to strengthening their industry through the cooperative actions of leading manufacturers and suppliers to the industry.

Metal Construction Association -
The Metal Construction Association has its mission, "expanding the use of metal in construction through marketing, technology, and education." MCA is an industry-wide vehicle through which members of the metal in construction industry can develop and implement both macro and microprograms and activities to more widely promote the use of metal in construction.
Metal Roofing Association -
The mission of the Metal Roofing Alliance is to educate consumers and contractors about the benefits of metal roofing for housing, and to help consumers find the resources to install metal roofing on their homes.
National Coil Coating Association -
The National Coil Coaters Association is an industry trade organization representing the coil coating industry. NCCA aims to provide the industry with a uniform message on the benefits and value of prepainted metal and make information available to the industry's professional staff to comfortably discuss product, manufacturing, economic and environmental advantages.
  The Coil Coating Institute -
The Coil Coating Institute is an e-learning opportunity for manufacturers, offering information and online tutorials designed to equip you with facts with which to make an informed decision about switching to precleaned, preprimed, pretreated, or prepainted metal in your manufacturing process.
The Metal Initiative -
The Metal Initiative is a coalition of manufacturers, individuals and associations that have come together to provide information on the features and benefits of metal in construction. Carrying its message of metal primarily to the professional building owner community, The Metal Initiative seeks to gather and disseminate useful information for decision-makers.
Metal Building Manufacturers Association -
Since its inception, MBMA has been instrumental in defining and promoting the common interests of metal building systems manufacturers. MBMA also provides engineering leadership through the many research programs they sponsor. This research is used by the MBMA members to improve the efficiency and quality of metal building systems, and to elevate the state-of-the-art technology used to produce them.
CUSTOMERS Precoat Metals provides prepainted coating services to many markets, such as construction, transportation, packaging and consumer goods. Here's a sampling of customers that use prepainted metal.
Chief Industries -
Fabral Corporation -
McElroy Metal, Inc. -
Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation -
Sheffield Metals International -
Petersen Aluminum -
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